Grade: all

#3098. Spelling made easy with letter cards

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Sat Apr 3 10:36:45 PST 2004 by Julien (
Web, Kitchener, Canada
Materials Required: Computer printer
Concepts Taught: Spelling

Cool letter card game for kids to print out for free...
Works with sound cards...


Spellarama works with a tutor-sounding chart for bonus points that covers the most confusing sounds a word can make.

You don't have to memorize the entire dictionary but merely a set of sounds.

Players will experience problem-solving, decision-making, and cooperative skills.

Each individual learns differently and Spellarama covers them all, from sounding, hearing, seeing, memorizing, hands-on and creative thinking.

By engaging in such playful and motivational challenges, players practice their spelling skills in several contexts leading to enhanced transfer and retention over time.

The psychology of Spellarama and challenges produce a useful learning phenomenon.

The words that players "miss" in the course of playing becomes the words that are most remembered in the long run. If you can speak you can spell...

A learning disability does not have to mean a life of failure and frustration any more. Students with invalid spelling abilities will merely fail across the board and will experience dwindling self-esteem.

Spellarama enables individuals with different capabilities to play together while improving their spelling skills and self-esteem.

The card play works on random chance so even if a player thinks he or she is the best speller, he or she may not win the game.