Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#3100. Abraham Lincoln

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Thu Apr 8 14:46:54 PDT 2004 by Amy Morris (
God's Bible College, Cincinnati, Ohio/Usa
Materials Required: computer with internet, word processor, printer, white board, marker
Activity Time: 2 45min class periods
Concepts Taught: students will use search engines, find informaition and then write a news article

Name: Amy Morris
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
Subject: History/Language Arts
Grade: 5th - 7th
Date: April 7, 2004

Objective: The student will be able to use the internet to find information about Abraham Lincoln. Then using that information, the student will be able to write a news article dated back to the day when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

1. Computer with internet
2. Word processor
3. Printer
4. White board/markers

Introduction: Have you ever wanted to go back in history and talk to someone? Maybe it was a Bible character, a famous athlete or perhaps even a family member.

Transition: Well, today we are going to break up into groups and use the internet to find out information from someone very special in history. You will need to pay very close attention to the information you find because you will be pretending that you were a journalist back long ago, and will have to write a news article about this person.

Sequence of Activity: Today we are going back in history to find out some information on Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president and he lead a very fascinating life. I would like us to break up into groups and use the internet to find out more about him. While you are searching for information on him, you will need to answer the following questions: (write questions on white board)

1. When was he born?
2. Where was he born?
3. Who were his parents?
4. Who was his wife?
5. Who were his children?
6. When was he elected president?
7. What is one great thing Abraham Lincoln did as president?
8. What is the title of one of Abraham Lincoln's famous speeches?
9. When did he die?
10. How did he die?

To answer the questions you may use the following website, or you may use a search engine to find other websites containing information on Abraham Lincoln. If you do, make sure to write down the web address. (list addresses on white board)


While you are looking at these website, if you see something interesting that you would like to add, you may. Just remember to put where you found the information.

Closure: Ok so, we are all going to break up into groups. I would like your group to answer the questions together. You may use the websites I have listed or search for your own. But remember, write the addresses down.

Application: This will help the student to think creatively and it will also help them to practice searching for information on the internet.

Evaluation: Have each group of students pretend like they were news journalist and have them use a word processor to write the news on the day Abraham Lincoln was shot. The paper should be dated the day after his assassination.