Grade: Middle
Subject: Health

#3107. Mental Circus

Health, level: Middle
Posted Sun Apr 25 16:21:22 PDT 2004 by Orenthal J. Beane (
J.T. Mastin Annex, Richmond, USA
Materials Required: Boombox, variety of music, pencil and paper
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: To understand the effect of music on behavior

Warm-up activity-
Ask students to list as many public places they know that uses music. And list the type of music they use. For example: Elevator - soft music

Main activity-
Indicate to the students that you will be playing a variety of music. They are to observe their classmates' reactions to each musical selection that is played. Paying close attention to emotional expressions and other effects on their behavior. Also record their feelings about the musical selection.

Procedure: Play a portion of each musical selection and allow time for students to record their observations.

Discussion session:
Allow students to share their observations. Ask students why they think those reactions happen or didn't happen as each musical piece was played.

Tie up the discussion by comparing warm-up activity to the students' observations. Inform the students on the reason a place like the doctor office will have soft music to calm the mental state of those patients in the office. Discuss how music impacts the mental thoughts of an individual producing a certain behavior.