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Subject: Language

#3108. Language Gathering Event

Language, level: other
Posted Mon Apr 26 18:59:58 PDT 2004 by Language Gathering Event (
LNYC, New York, Manhattan
Activity Time: 8pm-10pm
Concepts Taught: Language

====_______ Language Gathering Event _______====

-- Create your own language community in NYC --
------ Introduce your Language ------

(Language New York City)
We've invited 17 different language teachers, students and language exchange partners around NYC.
(English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian, Arabic, Czech, etc,)

65 people came to the event last time, it was successful.
They could find right language teachers, students and exchange partners.

1. Finding the languages you want to learn.
2. Finding language teachers.
3. Finding language exchange partners.
4. Finding the Language lesson information.
5. Finding another culture.
6. Others

We believe that we have opportunities so much but we haven't realized what that is yet.
Let's meet them! Introduce your Language!

We believe that we need this kind of event to share the opportunities we have now!!
It's not easy to find a suitable language partner, teacher and school because of the lack of opportunities and difficulties for accessing their real information.

We are going to make the event again.
If you are interested in our event, send us e-mail.