Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#3111. Basketball Passing

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 28 16:57:47 PDT 2004 by Nathaniel Suchyna (
Canisius College, Buffalo, Erie
Materials Required: 25 basketballs, 2 basketball nets
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Basketball Passing, Sharing, Fair Play

Activity: Basketball Passing/Dribbling______ Grade:_____2__________# of Students ___20______ Date: _4/19/04__
Rationale: Standard(s): State__1_________________ National ___2, 5, 7__________
Objectives: After the Teacher D&D, the Students Will: (have an objective for each of the 4 domains)
1. be able to dribble and pass a basketball with proper form and will be evaluated using a checklist.
Cues/Learnable Piece(s) A) Step with opposite foot
B) Use finger pads

2. be able to relate the type of pass that should be used in different situations in a game and will be evaluated
based on answers to questions
Cues/Learnable Piece(s) A) Overhand Pass = Long Pass
B) Bounce Pass = Defender in the way

3. be able to interact with their fellow classmates during the Dribble in Space drill and will be evaluated based on
teacher evaluation
Cues/Learnable Piece(s) A) Use finger pads
B) Keep your head up

4. enjoy participating in a non-traditional basketball game, and will be evaluated based on teacher observation
Cues/Learnable Piece(s) A) Pass the ball up court.

Types of Authentic Assessment Used:

1. ( )Portfolio
2. ( ) Project
3. ( )Homework
4. (x) Checklist/Rubric

5. ( ) Peer Observation
6. ( ) Poster Creation/Game creation
7. (x ) Game observation/Rubric focus
8. ( ) Journal Writing
9. ( ) Written exam
10. ( ) Self Evaluation
11. Video Presentation/Evaluation
12. ( ) Other ________________
1. 25 basketballs 4.
2. 5.
3. 6.

EPISODE 1: Introduction
Focus (MIA) T/SS Activity
Task Description/D&D/Safety
Tie old lesson with new/Warm-up/Sell the skill Cues Formation/
Diagram Eval

3-4 mins

4 mins
Students line up on baseline.
-Run down to other base line and back
-Run down to baseline, five jumping jacks, and back.
-Run down to baseline, five push-ups, and back.
-Run down to baseline, five sit-ups, and back.

Sharks and Minnows.
-Start off with one tagger.
-Progress until all students have been tagged.
-Bring class in to sit in center around teacher.

EPISODE II: Lesson Focus
Focus (MIA) T/SS Activity
Task Description/D&D/Safety
New Lesson Focus Cues Formation/
Diagram Eval

3 mins

4 mins

5 mins

3 mins

4 mins

3 mins

4 mins

2 mins

Teacher D&D Dribbling
-Use Pads Fingers
-Keep Head Up
-Keep the ball below your waist

Dribbling in Self Space
-Students spread out and will begin dribbling with their dominant hand.
-Students will try to control the dribble first with their eyes open and then with
their eyes closed
-They will then switch and use their non-dominant hand.

Dribbling in General Space
-Students will start by dribbling around the gym with their heads up.
-As time progresses students, the teacher will decrease the size of the area in
which the students are allowed to dribble in.

T D&D the Chest Pass:
-Thumbs up, hands on the side of the ball
-Step with foot you normally step with when throwing.
-After the ball is released thumbs should be facing down.
-Used to make a short pass to a teammate when a defender is not in the way.

Chest Pass Drill
-Students in small groups.
-One student stands in the middle
-Students on the outside pass the ball to the student in the middle, who then
passes it back

T D&D the Bounce Pass:
-Good when a defender is between you and your teammate.
-Should be done with two hands
-Fake the defender up first and then bounce it about midway between you and
-Ball should land in the teammates waist

Bounce Pass Drill
-Students are broken up into groups of three.
-One student stands in the middle of the other two students.
-Students practice the pass using the pump fake.

Teacher D&D the Baseball Pass
-Good for use when a long pass has to be made
-Ball is in dominant hand
-Step with opposite foot
Throw ball as if you were throwing a baseball.

Use Pads Fingers
Keep Head Up
Keep the ball below your waist

Use Pads Fingers
Keep Head Up
Keep the ball below your waist

Thumbs up
Step with foot
Thumbs down

Fake First
Ball hits midway
Ball lands in chest.

EPISODE III: Culminating Activity/Cool Down/Assessment/Closure
Focus (MIA) T/SS Activity
Task Description/D&D/Assessment/Wrap-up/Future lessons
Cues Formation/
Diagram Eval

10 mins
Pass-only Basketball
-Modified Game of basketball where the only way to advance the ball is for
students to pass the ball ahead to their classmates.
-When a student catches the ball they cannot run with it. They have to stay
where they are and pass the ball to a teammate.
-Ball has to be distributed equally between boys and girls
-Students must use a variety of passes to advance the ball.

Keep your Head up
Look up court

Student success rate ________________

Comments: (address: what went well/poorly, changes made before-during-after lesson to improve, discipline problems, reflection)