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#3112. The Parts of Speech - Grammar

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Posted Thu Apr 29 16:34:51 PDT 2004 by Lyn Magree (
The Parts of Speech Screensaver
Writer, Sydney, Australia
Concepts Taught: Teaches the parts of speech

You can get a screensaver and hard copy of the parts of speech i.e prepositions, articles, interjections, adverbs, verbs, conjunctions, adjectives, pronoun, nouns from

The hard copy is good for teachers and parents (as a quick reference) while the screensaver is great for kids as it gives definitions and examples for each part of speech e.g. 'A preposition tells you where somebody or something is in relation to something else. Here are some examples of prepositions.' (and then about 10 different examples fly in and jump all over the screen i.e. near, on, up, down, through, before etc). The screensaver goes though each part of speech on a different slide and gives examples for each definition. It's also color coded to aid memory:

Prepositions are pink
Articles are yellow
Interjections blue
Adverbs are green
Verbs are a light blue
Conjunctions are red
Adjectives are orange
Pronouns are purple
Nouns are white (black background on all screens).

A mnemonic is used to help kids remember the parts of speech. The mnemonic was written to appeal to both boys and girls, but in particular boys as statistically they lag behind girls when it comes to English. However, it appeals to kids of all ages, from all cultures and all socio-economic backgrounds.

Ideally the more often kids see the screensaver (and learn the mnemonic) the better their chances are of remembering the parts of speech. Check with your IT dept before you download it as there is probably a bar on your school system which doesn't allow you to download and install screensavers. There shouldn't be any problems if you download it onto your home computer. Try and get parents on board and get them to download it and encourage their kids to learn the mnemonic and say it every day. The website gives you a demo of what it looks like when it's running. The whole thing is based on repetitive learning and visualisation in a non-threatening manner. And let me tell you -- IT WORKS!