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#3122. Alphabet activities alphabet line

other, level: all
Posted Tue May 11 23:12:34 PDT 2004 by Evelisa Gearhart (
Alphabet Learning Tree Printables
Ingleside, Texas
Materials Required: printables
Activity Time: 15
Concepts Taught: emergent literacy

You get a copy of any community helper, by clipart or coloring page. Then you laminate for durablity. You add velcro to a big poster board. Dark color will do the job. Then you add a strip of velcro across twice. one on middle top, and the other strip middle bottom. You place velcro on your pieces. Make sure pieces are not bigger than 4 by 6 in size. Label them with letters A to Z in uppercase for beginners, and lowercase for more advance in matching lowercase to uppercase. The object is to put them in order from A to Z or match on the velcro what letter goes with what.