Grade: Advanced

#3131. Research listed websites for support for writing a summary

Reading/Writing, level: Advanced
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University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Materials Required: Computer w/ Internet Access, wriiting environment, operational e-mail features
Activity Time: 3 one hour sessions in lab or 3 hours at home
Concepts Taught: Summarize an annotated article from an oline resource via the Worldwide Web.

Lesson 2
Unit: Research listed websites for supporting documents and writing an article summary.

Materials Required:
Computer with Internet Access and writing environment ( MS word, WordPerfect, etc) with operational e-mailing features.

in computer lab: 3 one hour sessions
at home: at student's discretion with no more than 3 hours for tasks.

Concepts Taught:
Summarizing an annotated article from an online resource via the Worldwide Web.
Refining the major points of an article to incorporate in Lesson 3 as major elements of an essay.
Posting a completed article at a predesignated website:

Researched article summary (500 words) with related links, citations.

ESL students will become familiar with the process of refining research strategies on subject (from lesson 1) and summarizing articles.
ESL students will be able to use writing processes effectively
ESL students will be able to construct meaning from a wide range of text
ESL students will be able to write to communicate ideas and information effectively

This task is designed to get ESL students comfortable and familiar with the processes of refining subject/content areas of articles and documents to produce a high-quality summary of an online article. Such practices will enhance the overall knowledge of academic writing practices and standards.

For writing, grammar, formatting, refinement of research material, and writing summary assistance visit:
Follow the samples for proper citation and proper page layout of a summary at:

1. Annotate text for most important information .
2. Disregard and avoid superfluous details, examples, and redundancy
3. Combine important ideas
4. Paraphrase original text into your own words
5. Compress all pertinent information into one or two paragraphs (500 words).
6. Use proper citation for author, date, title, publication location, publisher.
7. Post one-page summary of your article to

Final Assessment:
Successful evidence of task is a confirmed, one-page summary of a pre-established article from the web e-mailed to yourself and your instructor and to the blogspot website as established.

Notations: Instructors may create their own blogspot at
or, of course, ignore this aspect altogether.