Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#3133. Integrated Instructional Lesson Plan

Language, level: Middle
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UCF, Orlando, USA
Materials Required: handouts, notebook and pencil or pen
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: verb usage and identification

Martin Flores
TSL 5245
Individual Project #2

Integrated Instructional Lesson Plan

Content Area: Language Arts
Grade: 8th Grade
Lesson Topic/Theme: Using verbs correctly; identifying the principle parts of a verb.
The students will be able to proofread and correct sentences with the various verb forms. This will demonstrate that they have been following directions and understanding the subjects covered in class.
Objectives: The students will be able to identify, write, read and respond to the different
areas taught. They will demonstrate a better understanding of verb usage and sentence structure and tense.
A. Bell-Work: The students are to pick up handouts to complete the first ten minutes of the class, as review for classroom to be assigned and tested at the end of the week.
B. Language/Literacy: The students will be introduced to the writing assignment with clear and precise instructions. They will be given the opportunity to ask questions before and after the assignment is handed out in order to modify or clarify what they might not yet be able to understand.
C. Content: The students will read a short passage given to them at the beginning of the class. One they finish reading, they are to answer specific questions related to the topic they just read. Their writing assignment will cover different verbs. They will be provided with sentences to correct and to complete using the correct verb form. At the same time, the verb usage will help them remember the correct nouns needed to correct or complete the sentences.
Sunshine State Standards:
Components of Lesson Plan:
A. Content Specific Vocabulary: The specific vocabulary covered in this lesson are; base form, present participle, past, past participle, regular verbs, and irregular verbs.
B. Materials: Included in the material are short lectures and reading assignments, graphs, hands-on activities, transparencies, vocabulary words, and oral presentations.
C. Strategies for Developing higher order thinking skills: Strategies will include reading assignments, group discussions on topics read, study guides, summarizing reading assignments, and testing comprehension skills.
D. Learning Strategies: They students will be given the chance to reorganize schedule and material covered. They will be given daily writing assignments and weekly tests to cover the new words learned and how they would be used in correct sentences. The class work will include team/group projects where they will correct each other's work and then comment on corrections and why they think they had to be corrected. The will be provided with study guides and demonstrations.
E. Personal Experiences: The students will be given a lot of real life-like incidents as demonstrations in order to experience the situation first-hand. The lectures will include real life examples pf different famous people as motivators and encourage cooperative learning. They will also be given a lot of "I remember when . . ." like stories to help them with their comprehension. They will be given clues to complete the assignment and modifications formats to cover.
F. Procedures:
1. Anticipator Set: The provisions of motivational tools to continue writing on topics and the opportunity to expand on their original ideas.
Modifications for LEP Levels:
a. Provided with games and idea cards,
b. Review prior work and handouts with positive review,
c. Have students read out loud,
d. Answer text questions at the end of stories read.
2. During:
Modifications for LEP levels:
a. The teacher will walk around the room and make sure students are on task,
b. Have key points on reading assignments on the board,
c. Support students' attempt even if can see answer is wrong,
d. Help the student realize how his answers are wrong and have them recognize why.
3. Follow-up:
Modifications for LEP levels:
a. Repeat important material,
b. Use voice innovation to stress point,
c. Vary voice, tone and speech,
d. Repeat what the objectives in the assignments were.
G. Parent Support Activities: After the work is graded, the teacher will call or send letters to parents to praise how well their son/daughter has been improving in class. The teacher will discuss the students' ability and progress in language arts. The parents will be asked to sign and return a note with signature to verify receipt. The teacher will also invite parents to come to class and witness their students' progress in class.
H. Evaluation: The students should be well aware of the different ways verbs are used in the English language. They will be able to recognize verbs without hesitation, and they will be able to write correct sentences or complete sentences when given new verbs. They will be evaluated according to how well they recognize the verbs and grammar provided and their usage in the sentences they write. The sentences are to be clear and easy to understand with the correct grammar and punctuation.