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#3134. Cooperative Team Play

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Posted Thu May 27 10:34:39 PDT 2004 by Joe Donahue (
Toobeez The Educational Tool
Connectable Color Tubes, LLC, Wayne, PA
Materials Required: Toobeez
Activity Time: 15 - 60 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Critical Thinking, Motor Skills, Cooperation

Think about a set of LIFE-SIZE Tinker Toys! Toobeez is a one-of-kind unique construction system that gives you the chance to "connect" with your children, students, or peers. Whether your are building a playhouse for a rainy day hideaway, creating an obstacle course at the park, or conducting a team building exercise, Toobeez engages everybody in constructive play. Toobeez are open ended and feeds the imagination! They can help...

Enhance Creative Thought Process
Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Foster Cooperative Play & Teamwork
Help Build Various Motor Skills
Develop Tactile & Spatial Skills
Understanding of Geometry / Angles
Develop Negotiation & Bartering Skills (Pieces)
Greater Interaction Between Adults and Children

Challenge your teams to build the tallest, most creative, most cost-effective (assign costs per part), or most contemporary (what's in the news today...a mars surface rover?) designs. Tell them to design and build for 10 minutes using only visual communication (no talking), or with all but one team member blindfolded (communication, listening, and trust), or with one hand tied behind each team member's back (cooperation, coordination, and problem solving). The combinations are endless.

How Much is Needed? The initial package (53-Piece Kit) is neatly boxed for shipment anywhere. Although there are many ways to use a kit, we suggest having one complete kit per team. This gives each team an ample supply of parts to really exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills. Schedule your teambuilding session, then have the packages drop-shipped to your training or event location. Some organizations have even donated them to charity upon completion, and some have given them to participants for prizes.