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#3138. Culture Difference

other, level: Elementary
Posted Thu May 27 14:37:36 PDT 2004 by Sarah Chiu (
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
Materials Required: Holidays information
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Through the introduce of holidays to know western and eastern culture diferences

Unit: Culture Difference

For the grade 6 students to understand the importance of some western holidays which are also popular in Taiwan. It helps students to know culture differences through different ways of celebration.

General Goal:
People said, Language acquisition is not a word-process; it also needs culture embedded. By introducing some important holidays both celebrate in eastern and western society, students can get to know more about the culture difference. Group discussion can also develop students to think and express their opinions and improve their speaking abilities.

A.Introduce original ways of celebration of different holidays.
1.Data collecting V using power point
2.Group discussion V passing information sheets
B.The differences between Taiwan and western society concerning to the meaning of celebration.
1.Memory game V Which team got more information! (can use native language-Mandarin)
2.Group discussion V working on the sheet.

1.Introduce some important western holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas that is using power point.
2.Depending on the numbers of students, assign them into small groups and discuss what information they got from the power point. Do people in Taiwan celebrate these holidays? How? Share their experiences/ opinions with teammates.
3.Pass the information sheets, and ask students to read through them to see if they remembered the right information. From the information they see, point out the differences that between eastern and western society.
4.Ask students not to see the information sheet and begin to brainstorm
5.Team competition on the worksheet V outline the differences of celebration. It is an assessment tool for students to use their understanding of knowledge.

Each team picks a holiday topic to do the presentation focusing on culture difference. It can be a presentation using power point or a play that using students creativities.

Required Materials:
Data collected information, power point slides, and some paper.