Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#3149. Rain Forests

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jun 3 11:23:34 PDT 2004 by Amal Muhaisen (
UCF, Orlando, FL
Materials Required: Computer Lab, mini Library and a vcr
Activity Time: 60 min

Computer Integrated Lesson Plan

Content Area: Science Grade: 5th (advanced ESOL)
Subject : Language Art Lesson Topic: The Rain Forest
Academic Areas Targeted: Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Vocabulary.

Goals: The goals of this hunt are to introduce and define what a tropical rain forest is, what animals and plants exist there, and how it can relate to becoming globally aware of the importance of the rain forests in your life.

Resources and Material:
Classroom mini library with books on the rain forest.
Video on the rain forest and animals from the rain forest
Computers with internet access.

Day 1 Procedure:
1. Part 1: Introduction to the rain forest including vocabulary terms. Begin with questions about Rain Forests to identify previous knowledge:
What is a rain forest?
Why are they called rain forests?
What do you think lives in a rain forest?
Name animals found in rain forests? 5 min

2. Show a Natural Geographic video: "Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest" 15 min
3. List all new Vocabulary on the board: weave, darts, panpipes, carve, chanted, tracking, loincloth, tapir.
4. Discuss Video using KWL chart to gather classroom ideas about rain forest.
Charts and overhead illustrations will be used to enhance discussion 15 min

5. in class activity: divide the class into groups and have them work on activity # 1:
Imagine that you are lost in the jungle. A mother ape thinks that you are one of her babies and takes you home with her. Write a story about your experiences living with he apes. 15 min

6. Have each group read what they wrote to the rest of the class. 10 min

Post- Activity:
7. Their home work is to search the following sites for more information about animals found in rainforest for in class project the following day: