Grade: Senior
Subject: Art

#3154. Math Art

Art, level: Senior
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Adobe Curriculum Exchange
Coral Reef Magnet High School, Miami, Florida
Materials Required: Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements software
Activity Time: 2 to 3 hours per lesson
Concepts Taught: Mathematics

Art combined with technology offers rich opportunities for explorations in the realm of mathematical structures, laws, deviations and explorations. This series of lessons which are available in full detail on-line is a nine week project for students from all subject areas and levels of mathematical and artistic expertise. Details of each lesson are available at:

Aside from introducing imaging software, the only instructions needed is to remind students of the incredibly diverse amount of information they have learned in Math classes and also Science classes and then challenge them take one or more principles or theories and create a simple work of visual art that reflects these principles and theories. This makes it possible for students to take one discipline, Art and another discipline, Math, and put them together to see that they were inseparable. Of course, this leads too a great deal of lively discussion and collaboration among the students which also sparks learning.

No emphasis was placed aesthetics. In some exercises it is easy to that this was not stressed. However, some students started to see it themselves as artists as their "Math ideas" became pictures and this sparked the wonderful result of making them want to keep working on to achieve an aesthetic that they considered acceptable.

1.Review Math Concepts and Visualization
Review Photoshop Tools

2. Simple Algebraic Graphing, Graph a simple xand y axis. and
3. Review Perspective (as in the Renaissance), Foreshortening and Atmospheric Perspective (as in Photo Realism)

4. 2D Design as defined in Abstract Art

5. Saturation and the Properties of Color and Light (as in Impressionism), Value Scale

6. Pattern and Symmetry (as in Islamic Art)

7. Digitization (as in Photo Imitation), Computer Graphics, Computer Engineering and Photo Realism.

8. Geometric Abstracts using all types of Angles
Basic laws of motion in physics.