Grade: other
Subject: Language

#3158. ESL Pronuniciation Voiceless -th-

Language, level: other
Posted Thu Jun 10 13:23:26 PDT 2004 by Karen/Judy ().
UCF, Orlando, Florida
Materials Required: Computer with sound card, headphones and microphone; internet access; printer

Lesson 1

Introduce students to phonetic symbols of IPA and overview of sounds
Give students practice using the internet
Give students concentrated practice on the voiceless 'th' sound

Ss will have their own computers or share computers in pairs
Ss will have the lesson plans with web links on their computer
There will be a class BLOG or WebCT page for Ss to record their scores on the various activities

Activity 1 (5 minutes) -- Overview of English sounds and IPA symbols
Ss will proceed to this link:
Ss and teacher will read/discuss introduction, briefly look through the symbols

Activity 2 (5 min.) -- IPA symbol flash cards
Ss will proceed to this link and print out the IPA symbol cards:

Activity 3 (8 min.) - Introducing the voiceless "th" and downloading the Unit 1, workbook
Ss will proceed to this link and download the workbook for Unit 1: (NOTE: for all practical purposes, T should transform from PDF to Word document and place on Ss desktops. T will have to decide how he/she wants these workbooks printed out.)
T and Ss will discuss the sound, practice writing the symbol, and recall words having that sound, referring to first page of the downloaded workbook for the voiceless "th" sound

Activity 4 (5 min.) -- A/V demonstration of sound articulation of voiceless "th"
Ss will proceed to this link and watch/listen to the audio/visual demonstration of how to make this sound

Activity 5 (8 min.) -- interactive scored minimum pairs practice
Ss will proceed to this link and do the interactive audio lesson (that keeps Ss scores):
T will explain mechanics of using this lesson
Ss will do the lesson and record their scores to monitor progress
If time permits, Ss will repeat the exercise and record progress

Activity 6 (9 min.) -- interactive scored dictation practice
Ss will proceed to this link and do the interactive audio lesson (that keeps Ss scores)
T will explain the activity
Ss will listen to the sentences, type the sentences in the appropriate box
Record their scores to monitor progress

Activity 7 (10 min.) - word repetition, minimal pairs, and listening quiz (scored).
Ss will proceed to the link below, listen to MP3 file and do exercises 1-4 in workbook, recording scores

Ss will cut out and make their IPA cards and note any words they don't yet know
Ss will select one Tongue Twister from the workbook to practice and be able to read in class