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Grade: Middle

#316. Animal Farm

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Sun Mar 15 12:05:11 PST 1998 by sue hunt (
hampton school, hampton, nj
Materials Required: obviously the book +
Activity Time: actually it's an entire unit
Concepts Taught: Russian Revolution + Utopia + allegory + characters + theme

Begin by given students history of Russian Revolution
This takes at least 2 class periods
Then give them the biographical details about George Orwell
this is vital because they need to understand his absolute hatred of the USSR
Also, read them The Sneetches by Dr. Suess - great lead in to Allegories
Define Allegories and offer other examples
I hand out character chart so students can record information as to what character matches what character in REAL Russia
Actually, I have about 20 pages of work related to this unit
The Utopia exercise takes up to 2 days and is quite extensive.
Why don't you contact me at my e-mail address with your snail mail address and I'll be happy to forward what I have to you!
This is for Jill Morley