Grade: Elementary

#3162. Famous Americans

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Jun 11 12:07:09 PDT 2004 by Robelo, Benjamin, McConnell, Carvalho, Flores (
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida USA
Materials Required: Access to internet, teacher created outline, teacher created essay outline, teacher created rubric
Activity Time: 3 - 45 minute block
Concepts Taught: Using the internet to research a famous American, write a report, and do anoral presentation

Famous Americans

By: Maria Robelo, Mara Benjamin, Natalie McConnell, Jennifer Carvalho-Spector, and Martin Flores.

University of Central Florida/TSL 5245
June 11, 2004

Students will research a Famous American using the internet and write a report on him/her

3 -- 45 minute blocks

As part of the third grade curriculum, students are required to do research. There is teacher guidance as this is a new concept for most third graders. Students will have the opportunity to research, work with an outline, and hand write a report following teacher guidelines.

-Access to the internet
-Outline for researching information (provided by teacher)
-Outline for writing report (provided by teacher)

1. Students will be randomly assigned a Famous American to research
2. Student will be allowed to research their person on This site will give students many links to biographical sites of his/her person. Student will be responsible for choosing one that will cover all information required by teacher.
3. Student should print out all important information pertaining to their person.
4. Student needs to fill out outline given by teacher to fill out (see attached).
5. Using George Washington as an example, teacher will write own report to show students step-by-step how to write it. She will also provide students with a guide for writing their report (see attached).
6. Students will then write a rough draft report and go over it with teacher.
7. Student will write final copy.
8. Students will present an oral presentation