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#3169. Think Fast

Games, level: all
Posted Tue Jun 22 10:58:24 PDT 2004 by Luis Fernando Vzquez (
Elementary, Chihuahua, Mxico
Materials Required: paper, tape
Activity Time: As long as you want it to last.
Concepts Taught: Quick thinking, vocabulary builder

This is one of my favorite activities. What you do is get pieces of paper and crumple them up to make a ball. After you do that put tape all over it.
What you do is get your class into at least 4 teams and place them in the corners of the room or in a far distance apart from each other. The teacher will then say a topic and throw the ball to a team. The team has to say a word related to the topic in less than 5 seconds. When they say a word they have to throw the ball to another team and they too have to say a word about the topic that the teacher said. This goes on until someone loses in which case they get a negative point. When a team gets a certain amount of points (set by the teacher) they get a punishment. Remember that as soon as the team touches the ball the clock starts ticking. If they do not say a word AND throw it before the buzzer sounds they lose. After a team loses you have to change topics. Try to have a list of at least 20 topics ahead of time. Teams are not allowed to repeat what other teams say or else they lose.