Grade: 3-5
Subject: Science

#318. HArmful Effects of Smoking

Science, level: 3-5
Posted Sun May 6 01:08:52 PDT 2012 by Emma A. Delos Santos (Emma A. Delos Santos).
Kamuning Elementary School, Quezon City, Philippines
Materials Required: pictures
Activity Time: 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Smoking affects our respiratory and circulatory system because it contains harmful ingredients such

I. Objective:
Discuss harmful effects of smoking
II. Subject Matter
Bad Effects of Smoking
A. Science Concepts/Ideas
Smoking affects our respiratory and circulatory system because it contains harmful ingredients such as carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine etc. Some of the diseases caused by smoking are chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, emphysema chronic bronchitis, bladder cancer and heart disease.
B. Science Processes
Inferring, observing
C. Reference:
BEC PELC V, Science Links Work text in Science and Health for Grade V, p 54
D. Materials:
pictures, activity card, flashcards
E. Values:
Avoid smoking because it is very harmful to our health.

III. Learning Processes:
A. Preparatory Activity
1. Present some pictures of cigarettes.

Who usually use this? Are they safe to our health?

2. Students discuss through semantic web what they know about smoking.

B. Developmental Activity
1. Engage:
Present picture showing the
bad effects of smoking.
• What do you see in the picture?
• What does this picture represent?
• Do you agree with this picture?
• Why?

2. Explore:
1. Present picture of cigarette with its components.

• What are the ingredients of cigarettes?
• Are they harmful to our health? Why?
2. Activity
Divide the pupils into 5 groups. Hand-out information about smoking. Have the pupils answer the table.

Cigarette Ingredients Harmful Effects to our Health

3.Group Reporting
3. Explain:
a. Discussion
1. What are the harmful ingredients of cigarettes?
2. Why nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide bad to our health?
3. What are the diseases caused by smoking?
4. What are the diseases caused by smoking?
5. What would be the effects of smoking to our respiratory and circulatory system?
b. Concept Formation
Why smoking harmful to our health?
4. Extend:
Let the pupils draw outline of our body. Let the pupils write the bad effects of smoking on the part being affected due to smoking.
yellow teeth stomach cancer
bad breath pancreas cancer
shortness of breath throat cancer
chronic bronchitis bladder cancer
heart disease kidney cancer
lung cancer mouth cancer
5. Evaluation
1. Which of the following diseases are caused by smoking?
a. lung cancer disease c. cancer
b. emphysema d. all of the above
2. Cigarette contains ______________, a powerful drug that affects the heart and blood vessels.
a. nicotine c. carbon monoxide
b. c. calcium d. tar
3. Smoking can make your teeth_______________.
a. stronger c. whiter
b. yellow d. all of the above
4. Which of these is not caused by Nicotine found in tobacco.
a. hyperactivity c. increased coordination
b. raised heart rate d. increased blood pressure
5. Why smoking dangerous to our health?
a. Cigarette smoke can change normal lung cells into cancer cells.
b. Increases chances of lung diseases, strokes and heart failure.
c. Affects your respiratory system and circulatory system because it contains a lot of carbon monoxide

IV. Enrichment:
Make a poster that explains the importance of avoiding smoking.