Subject: Language

#3180. Use of Flahcard in the kindergarten classroom

Language, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri Jul 9 23:59:58 PDT 2004 by Farah Najam (
St.Michael School, Pakistan
Materials Required: Flashcards
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Teaching alphabet sounds

In my kindergarten classroom I teach phonics with the help of flashcards. I first ask students what thing start with a particular sound. The students raise their hands and I ask them one by one. Since I have big number of students in the class I can ask only few students. When they have told their answers then I start showing them the flashcards.
2nd Day: I draw on the baord few things that start with different sounds. I call few students on the board especially the weak ones to come and write on the board. The child writes the sound of the picture that is drawn on the board.( I draw all the pictures on the board before the class starts.)