Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3187. Number Base

Mathematics, level: Middle
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Materials Required: computer,
Activity Time: 80 minutes
Concepts Taught: number system, number base

Topic: Number Bases

• To understand various number system and how they are used
• To become familiar with common bases that are used by decimal, binary, octa and hex numbers systems
• To make a presentation about one of the number systems
• To use the internet to research a topic
• To perform basic mathematical computation

Grade Level: Eighth Grade

Curriculum Area:
CCCS 4.1 A1 -- Exponents, 4.1 A5 -- Finding Equivalent Forms, 4.1-B2 Numerical operations

Internet Proficiency: Intermediate -- use websites

Summary of Project:
The student will work in partners to develop an understanding of how number systems are based on different bases. The students will use a conversion table from an internet site to find equivalent forms. They will check the answer obtained from the internet conversion table by performing the mathematical computation required. Finally, they will make a short presentation on one of the number system (binary, decimal, octa, hex) explaining why the number system where developed and how does it relate to the decimal system.

• Exercise sheet, use of internet, partner work, presentation

Suggested Web Sites:
Google -- search engine
Conversion table -- (,
Numeration System
Other Number Bases