Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#3189. Syncopa

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jul 25 14:26:02 PDT 2004 by Monica Myers (
Memphis,United States
Materials Required: Instruments will be the drms,recorders, wood instruments, xylophones, metallophones,glockenspiels,
Activity Time: 40-60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Sycopation-the un-even rhythm

Songs used: "The Canoe Song", "Land of the Silver Birch, "The Eagle".
These songs are practiced and then:
The instrumental groups are placed throughout the room for practice and performance.
Drums and recorders will be grouped together to play the sycopa rhythm.
The other instruments are given a different rhythmic pattern to play as well.
After the songs and the instruments are successful;the other students are given a dance/movement activity to be participating/involved in during the lesson.
This way every student will be on task for complete success in music.
It is very important that each group changes so everyone will be able to perform every part of this lesson.
I found that this particular lesson worked better for me in grades 4th-6th.