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Subject: Mathematics

#3201. Number "1" and letter "I"

Mathematics, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri Aug 13 06:09:32 PDT 2004 by Gisela Hausmann (educeasy@bellsouth.net).

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Materials Required: crayons, CD-book "Hands on Mathematics, Numbers from 1-10", 1 copy of "worksheet Number 1" per chil
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: hands-on

Lesson Plan: Number "1" and letter "I"

Primary Subject - Mathematics
Secondary Subject -- Language Arts (introduction -- letter "I")
Grade Level -- Pre-K, K, ESE
Time: 30 minutes

Materials: CD-book "Hands on Mathematics, Numbers from 1-10", one copy of "worksheet Number 1" per child, crayons in a variety of colors,

Objective: To reinforce the memorization of "number 1" and "letter I" via auditory, visual, and kinesthetic methods.


1) Demonstrate the important fact about the number 1: If one points with one finger at a particular item, that item becomes special. e.g. "I want to play with this child."

2) Have a few children stand up, point with their index finger to themselves and say: "There is only 1 ..name .. on this planet. That is why I am special.

3) Ask for volunteers. Have children point with one finger at their best friend in class and say" "There is only 1 ... name ... on planet Earth. S/he is my best friend. S/he is special."

4) Discuss that anybody and anything, who/that exists only once is special. Examples: mom, dad, siblings, teacher, favorite teddy bear, doll, but also: one president, one highest mountain, etc. Have the children name other examples.

5) Do worksheet 1.

Tell the children that once they are finished you are going to collect the sheets to put 1 sticker on it for great work.


Write the Number "1" on the blackboard. Tell the kids that that is how "1" is being written. Write the letter "I" on the blackboard. Tell the kids that that is how "I" is being written.

Ask them if they notice something ... (That the two of them look very much alike). Explain that it is a great way to remember how number and letter look like because there is only one "I" and that's "1".

Follow-up: In the following days when you take attendance ask the children to answer the question: "...name.. are you here?" by raising 1 arm with 1 stretched out finger and say: "I am here. There is only 1 ..first name ...last name.... in this classroom. I am special.

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