Grade: Senior
Subject: History

#3204. Rise of Rome

History, level: Senior
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Materials Required: Glencoe World History Text Book 2003 Edition , Paper, Maps, Writing Utensils, Straight edges.
Activity Time: One hour each period
Concepts Taught: VSS, RAFT, GMA, CT-RA

Victor Trevino

TEKS: Chapter 113. Texas Essential Knowledge Skills for Social Studies
Subchapter C. High School
113.33 World History Studies

The student understands traditional historical points of reference in world history. The student is expected to identify the major eras in world history and describe their defining characteristics Students also apply absolute and relative chronology through the sequencing of significant individuals, events, and time periods.

Strategies used: VSS, RAFT, GMA, CT-RA

Objective: Students will be able to define new terms in the text on "From Republic to Empire". Students will be responsible for, RAFT assignment, Chapter 5 Web Activity and questions 2, 4, 5 and 6 in the Section Assessment.

Materials: Refer the students to Chapter 5 "Rome and the Rise of Christianity: 600 B.C.-500 A.D.", Section 2 "From Republic to Empire".

Writing Utensils
Straight edge


Day 1

Pre-Reading (5 minutes)

Ask questions to ascertain the students' prior knowledge.

How much do you know about the Roman Empire?

Do you think some of those institutions exist to this day?

What do you think were some causes to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?



Students will create a diagram listing the accomplishments of the Five Good Emperors.

Post Reading



Student will assume the role of one of the members of the council of plebs and argue for or against the land reforms instituted by Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus.

Web Activity

Students will locate the Glencoe World History website at and click on the Chapter 5-Student Web Activity. Complete the questions and either print or send to my e-mail address. Assignment is due at the beginning of next class period

Day 2

Post Reading

Students will turn in their Section Assessment questions and Web Activity. RAFT assignment will be due at the end of class.


The students will get into groups of four. I will give each group a word state where it was found and explain why it is important to the lesson

CT-RA (20 minutes)

Students will separate into groups of four. Identify and explain at least two ways that European history may have been different had the Romans defeated the Germanic warriors in the Teutoberger Forest? Students will take ten minutes to brainstorm and generate a final answer. The latter ten minutes will be used for group sharing of answers with the whole class and follow-up any ideas that could possibly be generated.

Closure (10 minutes)

Three students will be selected to present their RAFT assignment before the class. The other students will formulate at least two questions for each.

Students will be evaluated on their RAFT, Web Activity and Section Assessment assignments, for comprehension, retention and creativity.