Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#3206. Four Corners Matching Game

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Aug 23 07:18:55 PDT 2004 by Alice Y (
Hong Kong
Materials Required: 4 people and some notes for Nouns.
Activity Time: 15-20 mins
Concepts Taught: Make students have fun with learning Nouns.

I tried this in my English Workshop, I asked all students stand in the middle, and 4 people stand at the corner, to form a big square, make sure your students have room to run.
I practise NOUNS with them, you can practise other things too, using the same method.
Nouns include: People, Things, Places and Animals. And one person to be PEOPLE, the 2nd person to be PLACES, 3rd person to be ANIMALS, and the fourth person to be THINGS.
I yell: Australia, then all students need to run over to the person who represents PLACES. Kangaroo, students will run to ANIMALS.

I found it's an amazing game for students, they will try as fast as they can, to get to the correct place, and we changed the position too, the 1st person, changed to be the ANIMALS instead of PEOPLE. Try to confuse the kids, and you can test their memories too.

Try this, they will have so much fun.