Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#321. The Creation of Craters

Science, level: Elementary
Posted by Jennifer Wise (
Wasatch Elementary, Provo
Materials Required: bowl, flour and marbles
Activity Time: 30-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: How craters on the moon were formed

Get out several bowls and fill them with about 2 inches of flour

Bring the students together and discuss the surface of the moon.
Talk about the different features you might find on the moon (i.e. hills,
craters, valleys and mountains). Prior to this point we have discussed that the moon
doesn't have any air or water and so there is nothing to cause any erosion on
the moon. When the students have had a chance to discuss the different
geographical formations move into talking specifically about craters.
Have the children brainstorm ideas about how craters were formed.
When one of them brings up the meteorites crashing into the moon
discuss that for a few minutes. Have the students hypothesize about
how different sizes, different speeds and different dropping heights or
meteorites and how that would affect the size of the crater. Offer a demonstration. Take the marbles and drop
them from varying heights into the flour and have the children observe the hols and
the difference in size. If they don't observe it point out how the distance that
the marble has fallen affects the size and shape of the crater.