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Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#3211. My dream school

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Thu Sep 2 06:43:11 PDT 2004 by Dr. J.T. McCollough (
Camden Middle School, Kingsland, GA
Materials Required: Computer running EXCEL
Activity Time: 3 hours
Concepts Taught: Architectural Design using EXCEL

The student will create a dream school using Microsoft Excel.
The student will adhere to criteria in rubric.
The background is immediately colored white by clicking ont he box between the A and the 1 column and using the "drawing toolbar" paint bucket to turn the background white. From there the students use the textboxes, word art, color tools and shapes to architecturally create a middle school of their dreams. Creativity in the past has included a woodwork class, computers at every desk, cell phone stalls in the hall, McDonalds and Wendys in the cafeteria. The students quickly realize how difficult it is to plan a school.