Grade: Senior
Subject: Mathematics

#3214. Algebra Tutorial Software

Mathematics, level: Senior
Posted Sun Sep 5 19:08:52 PDT 2004 by Martin Weissman (
Math911 Tutorial Software
essex county college, newark, nj 07102
Materials Required: windows computer
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: introductory algebra

Download Math911 from:

After the install, click on the Math911 Desktop icon. A message box will pop up saying Thank you. DO NOT continue unless you first enter the special code 'weissman' (case sensitive). Using this code your software will be multi-user (many students/many passwords/many grade reports) and no further registration will be necessary.

If you miss entering the 'special code' then Math911 will be single-user and you will need to register it via email.

For your teacher password to enter the Administration Page where you can create classes and register students use 'Math911' also case sensitive. At registration, student passwords will be assigned. Alternatively, students can get passwords by clicking the "Don't Have Password" button.

Besides these 24 computers, teachers may download Math911 on their individual computers at school or at home.

After running Math911 from time to time you'll need to visit for the latest upgrade (see sidebar after you enter the site).

For bugs, comments or suggestions please e-mail Professor Weissman at Please mention that you are a grant awardee.

Congratulations again and thanks for participating.

Professor Martin Weissman
Customer Service: 347-528-7837

246 Crafton Avenue
Staten Island NY 10314