Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#3219. My Music BOX [Ancient Harp]

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Sep 28 04:48:12 PDT 2004 by Naftali Lahav (
My Music Box
Naftali Lahv, Kibbutz Mizra POBox: 0216 Israel 19312
Materials Required: We supply the wooden kits+tools and the program's contents over CD and Video Cd
Activity Time: one year [an hour or two a week]
Concepts Taught: Construct a three strings ancient Harp out of wooden kit and learn to play it

The main goal is to create an interesting background environment, and possibilities, that will develop into wonderful experience, and will increase the appreciation, fondness, and love for the music.
Basic assumptions:
Teaching young children music may be difficult. For this reason the instrument built in this program is very basic: the music box, which is the ancient Hebrew lire. An ancient outline of a similar instrument engraved in stone enables us to associate the program with our origins.
The music box is a very simple instrument, which can be played without any special instruction (of course, it is possible to improve playing skills, however, in this program we are content with the basic skill of plucking the strings with the fingers and/or with a plectrum). The immediate ability to combine three tones; a low tone, a middle tone and a high tone separately (melody) or simultaneously (chord), in addition to the combination of rhythm, provides the program (and the teacher) with a vast range of experiences with sound.