Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#3233. physical bean bag

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted Mon Oct 11 05:14:23 PDT 2004 by Betsy Beard (
University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Pa
Materials Required: Beanbags are the focus of this lesson, if they are not available, they can be made of socks using be
Concepts Taught: : Manipulative movement used by throwing beanbag at moving balls, aiming at pins across the gym, loc

Instructional Procedures:
• Anticipatory Set/Introductory Activity: Introduce the lesson by playing, Target practice. The students will be practicing throwing beanbags at moving targets. This activity works best if students work in pairs, the thrower and the tosser. The thrower overhand throws a beanbag at a target ball that the tosser has thrown. The thrower selects the target ball based on their skill. Students stand side-by-side facing the wall, which should be 10-15 feet away from them. For safety reasons there should be plenty of space between groups. The activity begins when the tosser says, "ready, set, go". On go, the tosser tosses the ball gently up toward the wall. At this time, the thrower stands in the ready position to overhand throw the beanbag. When the target ball reaches its highest point, the thrower throws the beanbag trying to hit the target ball. Students switch jobs after each throw. This is intended to give students practice for the focus of the lesson in throwing the beanbags. It is a non-locomotor activity.

• Developmental Activities/Fitness Activity: This activity will be using music selections of the teachers choice, and promote combination movements with locomotion and a manipulative. Students will line up around the perimeter of the room, each side will be a different team and represent a different color. These colors will be the beanbag colors, and there will be an equal amount of colors for the teams. The teacher will scatter the beanbags all over the floor at random, and once the prerecorded music starts three members from each team will get to run as fast as they can picking up only one beanbag and running to the center to fill the buckets. The teacher will be standing in the center of the room between the buckets; the music should be prerecorded with 30 silences at random. Each time a student puts one beanbag into the bucket, they will have to return to the base line, where their team is located and may then continue to get as many beanbags into the buckets one at a time until the silence starts. If the silence starts and the student is not at base or at a bucket, the beanbag he or she has in their hand will be placed on the playing field, and one of their color will come out of the bucket, if a student is at the buckets, he or she will get to chose an opposing teams color and throw three beanbags of that color out of the buckets back to the playing field. The next three players start once the silence is over, and continue as their teammates before.

• Lesson Focus Activity: Sunken Ship The students will be placed into teams of three. Two teams will play against each other across the playing area or gym. A couple of games will be going on at once, for the games will be set up length wise down the gym. Set up the gym so you have one mat (ship) for each three students. Have the players in the game agree on how far the mats will be from each other. On the floor in front of each mat, set up four pins. Place a scooter (lifeboat) and four beanbags (ammunition) on the mat to start. Designate someone to ride the lifeboat (scooter). The person on the scooter is the only person who can retrieve beanbags from the sea (gym floor) and bring them back to their mat (ship). However, the students on the mats may catch thrown balls or reach for them on the floor keeping one foot on the mat. If both of the child's feet leave the mat they are out of the game (drowned). The students on the mat are trying to knock down the pins at the other mat by throwing the beanbags using correct overhand technique. At least one foot must be on their mat at all times. When all the pins by your mat are knocked down, set them up and restart the game with another person on both teams' lifeboats. After all teams have played at least one game have them select another team to play.
• Closing Activity: Students will be grouped at the one corner of the gym, where they will walk around the gym to cool down. While walking they will be instructed to do lunges with each step, rotate arms in circles, or walk in a regular fashion. This will help stretch their muscles, in their bodies before finishing the lesson.