Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#3240. You are Special

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Mon Oct 11 05:41:26 PDT 2004 by Lyndsey Papcunik (
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown, PA
Materials Required: Paper, pencil, string,sissors, story cards, paper fasteners, yarn,tape, cardboard, puppets patterns
Activity Time: 45-60 minutes

Children's Literature Lesson Plan

NAME Lyndsey Papcunik
SUBJECT Reading, Writing and Literature


• Students will be able to discuss the book; You are Special by Max Lucado. Students will reflect on what they liked and disliked about the book.
• Students will be able to identify a moral from the story that they can apply to their own life.
• Students will create their own marionette puppet like the ones in the book. Each student's puppet should
be unique.
reveal their positive traits and characteristics.
be created based their own image of themselves.

Cross-Curricular Integration:
• Art

• Paper
• Pencil/Pen
• Crayons/Markers
• Cardboard story cards
• Scissors
• Paper fasteners
• Yarn
• Tape
• Cardboard (for puppet cutouts)

Instructional Procedures:

• Anticipatory Set:
o I will introduce the author Max Lucado. I will share some other books he has written.
o I will give a brief overview about Max's life.
o I will provide short stories from Max Lucado's books that can contribute to our discussion. Some of the short stories include: (I will put these short stories on big card board and put them on the blackboard.)
• You Are One-of -a-Kind
• The Answer to Arguments
• Hatred Will Break Your Back
• Get Out of the Judgment Seat
• Developmental Activities:
o I will read "You Are Special" to the class.
o Based on the ideas in the book students will create their own marionette puppets that reflect their own unique personality and characteristics.
• Students will trace and cut out their puppet. (I will provide the pattern.)
• The puppet will have six pieces. Students will put legs, arms, and head onto puppet with paper fasteners.
• Students will put yarn on the back of the puppet's head so it moves easily.
• Students will color their puppets. Students will design their own clothes and add any extra objects they want their puppet to have.
• Students will get only stars to add to their puppet. In each star students will describe any positive characteristics about themselves. Examples include: caring, sensitive, honest, they may also include things they enjoy to do (sports, cooking, reading, etc.). Anything that makes them who they are, and that's why their special!
o Students will be able to share their puppets with the class and explain their stars.
o Students will be able to discuss any morals they got from the story and the
class discussion.

• We will create a bulletin board displaying the marionette puppets in the classroom.

Students will be assessed. . .
• by how well they cooperate and participate in the art project.
• based on if they completed the activity correctly.
• on their contribution to the class discussion.
• by their attentiveness to the teacher and to the other classmates during their explanations.

Technology Integration:

 One computer in the classroom
o The teacher will put the stories during the anticipatory set on a power point slide. The students will still read the stories and discuss them as a class. Each story will be on one slide. The power point allows the stories to be read easier and are more appealing to students.
 Six computers in the classroom
o Every student will write a short one page paper about their puppet. The paper will include the reasons they gave their puppets the qualities and characteristics they did. The paper should describe them just as the puppets do. For example such questions should be answered:
 What are your favorite activities?
 Why do your puppets have those particular stars?
 What do you like about yourself?
 What makes you unique and special?
o The paper should be one paper in length, double spaced, 12-point font, and in Times New Roman.
o The students will then create a classroom book by putting together all their stories.
o Students will first write a draft paper, turn it in to the teacher and then we will divide into groups and allow each student to type their paper on word.
o Students will finish their papers at different times and will be allowed to use the computer only after they get their paper read by the teacher.
 Every student has a computer
o Students will create a picture to add to their classroom book. They will find pictures on the internet, clip art, or scan their pictures. Each student will get enough space to cover one side of paper. The pictures must in any way describe themselves. After everyone writes their story and gets their pictures the classroom book will be created. Each student will have a story and their own illustrations.