Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3242. Ordinals

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Oct 11 11:17:58 PDT 2004 by Kayla Smith (
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown, US
Materials Required: Chalk, Magnets, Ordinal chart, Calendar, Track ribbons, Ice cream cone cut outs, Alphabet magnetic l
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: ordinals, sequencing

Anticipatory Set:
„_ Introduce and define the term ‘§ordinal,‘¨ while writing the term and definition clearly on the chalkboard.
„_ Instruct the students to copy both the term and the definition into their math journals and review it tonight for homework. I will call on random students to identify and define the term in tomorrow‘¦s class.
„_ Display the ordinal chart to the students. Go through each ordinal orally.
„_ Create a word web with the entire class, illustrating when and where we use ordinals in our everyday lives. Continue with this throughout the anticipatory part of the lesson, providing examples with the school particulars, calendar, track ribbons, and songs. Invite any other examples they can think of.
„_ Show the students how the ordinals give order to a calendar.
„_ Question the students about specific dates and ordering of the calendar. (What ordinal number is May? When day does the fourth of July fall on?)
„_ Display and pass around the track ribbons with the ordinal numbers on them, making certain that every student has the opportunity to see them.
Developmental Activities:
„_ Flip the ordinal chart over, so the students cannot refer back to it for answers.
„_ Hold up the baggies full of ordinal ice cream cones.
„_ Explain clearly to the students that, in their small groups at their tables, they must place the cut outs in chronological order. Stress to the children the importance of working as a team to come up with the solution. They must apply their group working rules to this activity.
„_ Announce that this activity should only take 2 minutes.
„_ Pass out the baggies.
„_ Circulate among the groups for any possible complications and extra help.
„_ Call on one student from each group to recite their ordinal cut outs in order. Do this process until the 20th ordinal. Perform this task backwards, going from 20th to 1st.
„_ Introduce and provide clear directions with the ordinal worksheet. We are going to do this worksheet together.
„_ Pass out the worksheet to each child.
„_ Model the first three problems for the students by using the alphabet magnetic letters on the chalkboard.
„_ Continue to do the rest of the worksheet, calling on the students.
„_ Announce that they will have a similar workbook page for homework tonight.
„_ Assign workbook page 34 for homework to be checked tomorrow.
„_ Tell the students that we are going to be making our own ordinal number line (1-20).
„_ Using clear directions, announce that each child will get a strip of rainbow paper and box of crayons. Tell the students that we are going to laminate and place them on our desks.
„_ Provide an allotted time limit for the students. (10 min.)
„_ Circulate among the students, giving positive feedback and suggestions.
„_ Remind the students of their homework by making a homework list on the chalkboard. They are to write what is written on the chalkboard into their homework agendas.
„_ Instruct the students to turn in their number line, clean up their area, and get ready for dismissal.