Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#325. St. Patrick's Day Activities

Language, level: Elementary
Posted by Sue Goodman (
Hillcrest School, Morristown, TN USA
Materials Required: Chart Paper, sponges to cut feet, green paint
Concepts Taught: letter writing, asking questions, learning responsibility

St. Patrick's Day Activities
This is our favorite Unit. The Week before St. Patrick's Day the leprechauns begin to visit our rooms at night. The first night they completely tear the room up. When the chidden come in and see the mess I tell them that the leprechauns came about this time last year so maybe they are back. The children have the best time putting everything back where it belongs.( this unit really makes them aware of the importance of putting things up when they are finished with them.) I have made leprechaun foot prints by cutting out small feet from sponges and dipping them in green paint. I then put them on the desks and tables, even on my plan book.(be sure not to put them on something that won't wash off)
At the end of the day we write a letter to the leprechauns. I usually have to get them started but before long the children are really asking good questions about the life and activities of the leprechauns. We also ask the leprechauns not to mess up our room. They are allowed to play but must clean it up when they are finished. Each night the leprechauns make less and less mess, mainly because the children learn to be more specific with what they write to the leprechauns. This promotes good letter writing in Kindergarten. The leprechauns also praise the children for the work they are doing in school. The last day (St. Patrick's Day) the leprechauns leave a green drink and cookies or gold in a black pot.

See the Pocket Book from The Center for Teacher's Resources for a unit on Leprechauns.
Clever Tom and the Leprechauns by Linda Shute
Make a graph of the different marshmallow shapes in Lucky Charms. Give each child a small cupful and have them graph them.
Program shamrocks with simple addition or subtractions or any other math skill and hide around the room. Child find and do the problem. (This can also be used for language arts skills.)
Potato activities are in the Pocket book unit. Measure the chidden and other things in potato units instead of the yardstick or inches.

Lucky Leprechaun tune Jingle Bells
Leprechaun, Leprechaun,
Oh, where can you be?
Come a little closer now,
Don't be afraid of me.

Leprechaun, Leprechaun,
You bring luck my way.
I'd really like to see you
On this St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Song Tune "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

I'm looking for a leprechaun,
Leprechaun, leprechaun.
I'm looking for a leprechaun.
Do you know where he's gone?

He wears a suit that's made of green,
Made of green, made of green.
He wears a suit that's made of green
Do you know where he's gone?

He lives by a rainbow and hides his gold,
Hides his gold, hides his gold.
He lives by a rainbow and hide his gold.
Do you know where he's gone?

If you see a leprechaun,
Leprechaun, leprechaun.
If you see a leprechaun,
Please tell me where he's gone!

I put my songs and finger plays on sentences strips and put in a chart holder. By pointing to the words as we sing the children begin to learn basic sight words and the beginning sounds of the letters. If you need more ideas email me at