#3260. Predictable chart for color identification

Building Blocks, level: Kindergarten
Posted Tue Oct 12 08:34:40 PDT 2004 by Beth ().
Materials Required: any book about colors, chart paper, markers, sentence strips, old magazines and catalogs
Activity Time: 20-30 mins. for days 1-4; day 5 30-45 mins.
Concepts Taught: Predictable Chart/Color identification

This is a lesson the works with color identification, name recognition, and predictable charts.

Day 1: Read a book about colors. It can be any basic book about colors. Spend a few minutes looking around the classroom and talking about the color of things.

Day 2: Begin the lesson by introducing the idea that everyone has a favorite color. Start a predictable chart. On the chart write "__(Beth)__'s favorite color is __(red)__". Since this is beginning K, I write the whole sentence with a marker of the child's favorite color.

Day 3: Using a pointer, have the children come up and read their sentence. Have them circle their names.

Day 4: After discussing beginning middle and end, have the children reread their sentence and circle the color word (or word at the end of the sentence). When everyone is finished, you may want to take a minute and talk about how only the first (name)and last (color) words is each sentence, but the middle (favorite color is) is the same in each sentence.

Day 5: Give the children their sentence cut into 3 peices, name(beginning of the sentence), middle of the sentence and color word (end of the sentence). Have them put the pieces in the correct order and glue it along the bottom of a 12x18 piece of construction paper in their favorite color. Then, I have the children look through old magazines and catalogs (catalogs work best) for pictures of things or words that are their favorite colors. They cut them out and glue onto the construction paper.

FOllow-up: The pages can be sent home or put into a class book. I put them into a class book and the last page of the book we make into a graph to see which colors are liked the best. (just for a little math)