Grade: all
Subject: Language

#3263. Language + Music + Art + Film Gathering Event

Language, level: all
Posted Wed Oct 20 01:17:26 PDT 2004 by LNYC (
Language, New York, US
Materials Required: Language + Music + Art + Film
Activity Time: 24h
Concepts Taught: Language + Music + Art + Film

===______ Language + Music + Art + Film Gathering Event ______===
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( Manhattan )
( FREE )

-- Create your own language + Music + Art + Film & Photography community in NYC --
------ Introduce your Language + Music + Art + Film & Photography ------

(Language New York City)
We've invited more than 50 different language teachers, students and language exchange partners around NYC. ( so many nationalities )

( English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Danish, Korean, Finnish, Luxermbourgish, Hungarian, Swahili, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, Georgian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Latin, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Malay, Tibetan, Norwegian, Filipino, Swazi, Slovenian, Bengali, Khmer, Flemish, Basque, Catalan, Albanian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovak, Lithuanian, Macedonian etc......... Greenlandic, Somali, Creole, Icelandic, Lao, Urdu, Mongolian, Nepali, Yiddish )

-- We've just started to invite Musician + Artist + Film-maker (Actors,Actresses,Models,Photographers, etc.) to the event!! --
We think Language is linguistic communication, Music is feeling communication, Art is deep visual communication and Film is entertainment communication.
They are all conceptually related.
All kinds of music, art and film are welcome!
1. Find languages you want to learn.
2. Find language teachers.
3. Find language exchange partners.
4. Find language lesson information.
5. Find musicians & music.
6. Find music partners.
7. Find music lessons.
8. Find art.
9. Find artists.
10. Find art lessons.
11. Find filmmakers & photographers.
12. Find actors, actresses & models.
13. Find film opportunities.
14. Find film partners.
15. Explore another culture.
16. Create your new connections.
17. Others ( Finding new friends )

Our society has a strange wall between people, so-called "Strangers", that restricts our opportunities so much.
Why don't you try to break through the wall?
We believe that we have many opportunities but we haven't realized what and where those are yet.
Let's meet them!
Introduce your Language, Music, Art, Film & Photography!

We are going to make the event again.
If you are interested in our event, send us e-mail.
This web-site is designed for promoting & helping your potentiality for FREE.
( Message Board, Project page, etc. )