Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#3264. Tutorial

other, level: Senior
Posted Thu Oct 21 03:26:03 PDT 2004 by Annmarie Ogier (
Thanet College, Boardstairs
Materials Required: Paper, Pen, You, Pupils and folder
Activity Time: 1 Hour 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning ability

Group discussion on what they have done during the year and talking about questionnaires and surveys.
Discuss about surveys to go around the campus to find out some information.
Discuss answers to find out what they have found out.
Another group discussion about what they could do to improve the college and how to find out about what course you could actually do.
Give students questionnaire sheets to put all of their answers on.
Discuss about the 1 to 1 sessions, give the times and dates of when their 1 to 1 sessions are.
The end of the lesson will be when the students can talk about what they've found out.