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#3267. Word Wall Chants

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Posted Fri Oct 21 07:48:00 PDT 2005 by KinderESL (
Johnston Elementary, Irving TX
Concepts Taught: practicing word wall words

Word Wall Chants
In the Seat
These cheers can be done while students are seated:

1. Blowing Kisses - Blow a kiss for each letter. On the word use two hands to blow the kiss and extend both arms out and up. Tons of fun, you can feel like a movie star!

2. Opera - Sing letters in an opera fashion.

3. Fly Like a Bird - arms flapping up and down.

4. Chicken - Arms folded up to make wings and head moving forward and back

5. Nose - Hold your nose and spell word

6. Beat It - Beat it out on the desk

7. Cheer It - Like a cheerleader (Give me an "h", etc.)

8. Snap and Clap - Snap the vowels
Clap the consonants

9. Ketchup - One hand open, the other closed
Pound hands together like you would pound a bottle of ketchup

10. Explosion-Start at a whisper. (Volcano) Get louder with each letter. Explode when you say the word at the end.

11 . Marshmallow Clap - Almost like a clap but you stop just before your hands touch for each letter.

12. Slow Motion - Hold the sound of each letter for a second or two.

13. Ride'm Cowboy - Straddle the back of the chair. Spin lasso around for each letter. Pretend to rope a calf and pull in at the end when you say the word.

14. Deep Voice - Say the letters and word in a deep voice.

15. Mouse Talk - Squeaky voice with hands curled up by face.

16. Scream It/ - Scream the letters and the word

Whisper It Followed by whisper the letters then the word (whisper
seems to settle the group down after being silly from the scream)

17. Sloooooowwwww - hold the sound of the letters for a few seconds
like sit...

18. Back Tracer - trace the letters as you spell on a partners back, this is good
to do in a circle facing the back of another person so that everyone has back to write on.

19. Flapping and Nodding - Pretend you're a bird and flap your wings and nod your head for each letter.

20. Clapping Syllables - Just clap for each syllable, not really spelling, but you can use it before you spell so they can hear the syllables.

21. Smelly - hold your nose and spell it

22. Voices - change your voice for each repetition, Loud, Soft, Whisper, Squeak, Growl, Baby-talk, etc.

In the Seat or Standing Up
these can be done with students sitting but might be more fun when done standing up.

23. Hand Jive-Pair up children. Children clap hands together for consonants and lap clap for vowels. Put hands in the air at the end as you say the word.

24. Raise the Roof- Push up toward the ceiling, one push for each letter.

25. Disco - Pretend to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Hand starts at stomach for each letter. Hand up for consonants. Hand down for vowels.

26. Throw the Stars - Throw one hand at a time up toward the ceiling for each letter.

27. Mexican Hat Dance - Alternate feet in front.

28. Stomping - Stomp out each letter with your foot.

29. Motorcycle - Hang on to the pretend handle bars and do wheelies for each letter.

30. Dribble and Shoot - dribble the letters and shoot the word.

31. Yo-Yo - Pretend to have a yo-yo in each hand. Each time the yoyo goes down say a letter. Do a top-the-loop for when you say the word at the end. You might want to add some sound effects to this one.

32. Pumping Iron - Pretend to be lifting weights, one rep for each letter. You must strain to get each letter up. Pretend to mount the barbell on the stand and sound exhausted as you say the word at the end.

33. Imaginary Chalkboard - children pretend to have a chalkboard in front of them. Write each letter on the chalkboard. Make the letters large. When you're finished with each word you can pretend to erase it. *l f teacher is leading from the front of the room she will have to form the letters backwards.

34. Apple Picking - Pretend to pick an apple from the tree and put it in the basket. Pretend to pick up the basket when you say the word at the end.

35. Robot - Use a robotic voice, with arms moving back and forth ("Danger! Danger! Will Robinson" style)

36. Tigger Bounce-Just do what Tiggers do best-bounce. Bounce up and down for each letter.
37. Alligator Clap - Hold arms straight out with four finger curled to make the teeth. Open and close arms, clapping your hand together for each letter.

38. Groups - boys cheer, girls cheer, then the whole class or one group of seats at a time, then the whole class.

39. Pass the Ball - Say letter and pass to next person who says next letter. Last person says the word and chooses the next word.

Standing Up
these cheers are done standing up and might require some room to move about.
40. Blast Off-start crouched at the floor. As you say each letter get a little higher. Jump into the air at the end as you say the word.
41. Frog Jumps-Start standing up. As you say each letter crouch down a little farther. Jump into the air at the end as you say the word.
42. Pat It - Pat heads for tall letters. Pat tummies for short letters. Pat knees for letters that extend below the baseline.
43. Box It ~ Pretend to be a boxer. One punch for each letter.
44. Be the Letter - Sort of like doing the YMCA song.
45. Hula - Hands on hips. Swivel for each letter. Hands in the air at the end when you say the word.
46. Jumping Jacks - One letter for each movement.
47. Toe Touches - One letter for each toe touch.
48. Batter Up-getting into a batting position. Take a swing for each letter.
49. Push-ups - One pushup for each letter.
50. Frisbee - Throw each letter out Frisbee style.
51. At the Mound - Pretend to be a pitcher at the mound and pitch out each letter. Pretend to watch the last pitch get hit as you say the word at the end.
52. Lumber Jack -Pretend to swing an ax for each letter. Pretend the tree is falling down at the end and say the word the way a lumberjack would say TIM-BER!
53. Surfin' & Spellin1 - Start out by getting on a surf board. Sing: "Let's go spellin' now, everybody's learning how, cone and spell it with me!" Then while we're surfing we say the letters of the word.
54. The Swim - swim the letters. Hold your nose and go down at the end when you say the word.
55. Caribbean Spelling - We all stand up, hand on hips, and swivel on each letter. Whey you say the word you put your hands up over your head and then say "Woo!" EX. a-r-e "are" "Wool"
56. Movement - Stomping, snapping, clapping, patting our head, bobbing our heads from side to side, etc.