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Grade: Middle
Subject: Special Ed

#3273. Ender's Game/Ender's Shadow Projects

Special Ed, level: Middle
Posted Wed Oct 27 10:53:38 PDT 2004 by Julie Welch (
hero's journey format
Kofa High School/AWC, Yuma
Materials Required: Ender's Game/Ender's Shadow
Concepts Taught: literary analysis, hero's journey,

Ender's Game Project List
Choose two of the following projects. At least one must be starred (***).
1. ***Read one of the following books and take the main character through the hero's journey. At each step, compare him/her to Ender.
No Language but a Cry. . .Wyrms. . .Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. . .Hamlet. . .Born on the 4th of July . . .Twink. . .Home Before Morning
2. ***Watch on of the following movies and take the main character through the hero's journey. At each step, compare him/her to Ender.
The Dirty Dozen. . .Field of Dreams. . .Braveheart. . .First Contact. . .Babe. . .The Sting. . .Primal Fear. . .Mastermind. . .War Games. . .
Platoon. . .Starship Troopers
3. Cast the movie version of Ender's Game. Make a large movie poster with main actors pictures and names. In addition, include a brief filmography for each actor and why you felt they were right for the part.
4. Make a board game based on the novel. Include the game board, any cards or play pieces needed, and complete instructions.
5. ***Research Christianity, Islam, and Taoist religions. How are they alike and different? Where would the Speaker for the Dead fit in? Do the duties of a Speaker go along with, or against these religions. Explain.
6. Write the script for your own Speaker for the Dead. What things would you want said about you. What faults would you admit to?
7. Find songs that you think fit the following characters. Think about their personalities and personal beliefs. Include lyrics labeled with each characters name, one prescriptive paragraph in which you explain your choice, citing specific lyrics, and a CD or tape of the songs. CDs /tapes will not be returned.
Ender, Peter, Valentine, Alai, Shen, Bean, Petra, Bonso, Graff, Mazer, and the Hive Queen.