Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#3277. Reading

Literature, level: Elementary
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Activity Time: 20 mins
Concepts Taught: based on the book named "One pair of Eyes" by Caroline Laidlaw

One Pair of Eyes by Caroline Laidlaw

Decide whether following statments are True or false after you finish reading your books
True False

Tim lives with his mother and father in the country

Tim has got a sister called Belinda.

Belinda lives in London with her mother.
Tim has been to London a few times before.
When they arrived in London, Honey helped Tim find Aunt Deb's house.
Tim didn't have many clothes.
The Smarts are poorer than The Watsons
Belinda's cat scratched Tim's dog.
Tim forgot to give his aunt the letter.
In the letter Aunt Sally invites Belinda to their farm for one week.
Belinda felt lucky after she heard that Aunt Sally invited her to the farm.
Belinda liked Honey at the beginning
Belinda took Tim to many beautiful places in London.
Tim wanted to go to Trafalgar Square for the lions.
Tim was alone and frightened after Belinda didn't come.
Tim was trying to buy ice cream when a double decker bus stopped a few metres behind him.
Belinda showed him the lions.
Belinda was late because she met a school friend and they talked for a long time about Michael Jackson.
Belinda thought Tim was lost.
Belinda found Tim with her mother and a policeman.
Belinda's mother was very happy when she heard about Tim and double decker bus
Aunt Deb blamed Belinda about it.
Tim and Belinda talked in the train until they arrived at Swansea station.
Belinda asked for shops to buy music casettes.
There was no carpet and the curtains were old in her room.
Belinda liked Tim's room more than her room.
She unpacked her things first .
Tim showed her a lot of dogs in the barn.
Belinda climbed the ladder and lay down in the hay next to cats.
In the evening Belinda didn't eat much because she didn't want to get fat.
After supper the family watched TV.
At night, she took her walkman and her casettes and went to the barn.
Honey didn't bark because she gave her a bone.
She smoked a cigarette in the barn.
The hay began to burn because she wanted to start a fire.
Honey sniffed a strange smell and woke Tim up.
Belinda was very frightened and there was a lot of smoke and flames.
She asked for help because she couldn't see anything.
Tim brought the ladder and saved her life.
Belinda was hurt.
She promised not to smoke anymore.
Nobody was nice to Belinda after the fire.
Belinda thanked both Tim and Honey.
They became good friends.
She invited Tim and Honey to London.