Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#328. Pop-A-Top Math Game

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted by Janet Hill (
Hot Springs School District, Hot Springs, AR USA
Materials Required: 2 liter soda pop caps without any markings;permanet markers;paper;pencil;paper or cloth bags
Activity Time: Varies
Concepts Taught: Addition/Subtraction/Multiplicatio/Division

1. Put numbers on the soda pop caps 1-100.
2. Teacher decides what kind of Math problems to do.
3. Small groups or the classroom teacher can pull out a number from the gag and call out the number that is picked and the cap is put back into the bag.
4. The students then write the number on their paper.
5. Then another soda pop cap is pulled out and called out.
6. The students write the number down.
7. The teacher then has the students solve the problem.
8. If the students are adding more than 2 numbers up at the same time, for example, 1+2+3=6 then a third number would be called out before the problem is to be solved.

This is a Math Game that the students will enjoy and learn from at the same time. The soda pop caps can be used a manipulative Math tool. This game can also be used as a drill and practice tool for those students who are having problems with a certain type of Math problems. This game is a lot of fun for a small group activity. After the game the papers would be turned in for a grade.