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#3282. Spanish body parts and vowels

Language, level: all
Posted Wed Nov 16 12:45:32 PST 2011 by Mateo (Mateo).
Spanish class songs
Pompton, NJ, USA
Materials Required: music player
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: Body parts in Spanish, Vowels

Here are two Spsnish songs to accompany lessons on body parts and vowels.

Simón dice

Simón dice - toca la cabeza. Simon says, "Touch your head."

Simón dice - toca los hombros. Simon says, "Touch your shoulders."

Simón dice - toca las piernas. Simon says, "Touch your legs."

Simón dice - toca los pies. Simon says, "Touch your feet."

Simón dice - toca la boca. Simon says, "Touch your mouth."

Simón dice - toca la nariz. Simon says, "Touch your nose."

The song may be accompanied by a simple dance in which the students touch each of the body parts as directed by the song and bounce or move hands to the rhythm.
Prior to the song, a class may review body parts by standing and chanting:
During the chant, students should touch each of the chanted body parts. The teacher may speed up or slow down the chant to add humor.
A game of Simón dice is an ideal follow up to the song.