Grade: Middle
Subject: Special Ed

#3287. Thank You Ma'am Langston Hughes Process of Discovering Theme

Special Ed, level: Middle
Posted Thu Nov 18 17:29:17 PST 2004 by William Welch (
Mulholland Middle School, Van Nuys, CA USA
Materials Required: Prentice Hall Silver Level Reader's Companion
Activity Time: One 50 minute period
Concepts Taught: Basic elements of Plot and intro to theme

Lesson Plan #1 Date: September 21, 2004

Unit Title: Identifying Themes in Literature

Lesson Title: The Process of Discovering Theme in "Thank You Ma'am" (Prentice Hall Reader's Companion, p. 51 and PH text p. 171)

Time Needed: One to two class periods of 50 minutes each.

Standards Reference: 3.2 - Evaluate the basic elements of the plot and the way conflicts are (or are not) resolved. 3.5 - Identify and analyze recurrent themes. Writing 2.1 Writing Narratives, 2.2d - Write responses to literature - references to the text.

Objective: Students will identify the elements of the plot and identify and express this story's theme

Motivation: Read and discuss the preview material and summary on p.86 in Reader's Companion. Discuss the Visual Summary of the plot on p. 51. Check for understanding. Pronounce the vocabulary words and read their definitions.

Materials: PH Silver Teacher's Edition, Students Reader's Companion, "Finding the Theme" adapted comprehension sheet. Literary Analysis:Theme Sheet (Selection Support Workbook p.65). Selection Support Skills Wk. p. 61-64.

Directed Lessons: Explain in detail the concept of theme. Then further develop student's understanding of theme explaining the "Plot Details and Themes" from PH Silver T.ed. p.397) Check for understanding.

Guided Practice: To help students understand the concept of theme, explain in detail and complete with them the Literary Analysis:Theme Sheet (Selection Support Workbook p.65).

Independent Practice: Students complete on their own the Selection Support Skills Wk. p. 61-64. For "Thank You Ma'am". Can also be given as homework.

Alternate and Supplementary Activities: Give students a brief introduction to Langston Hughes. (PH T.ed. p.176) Explain where where Harlem is. Show 3 minute video about Langston Hughes and Harlem in the 1920's to help students understand the background. Use the PH Literary Analysis and Reading Transparency. p. 25, 26. To help focus attention with the guided practice.

Assessment: Responses during check for understanding. Selection Support Skills Wk. p. 61-64.

Resources and Sources: Ph Literature, Silver level.