Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Art

#3298. moods and edvard munch's scream

Art, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu Dec 22 07:23:23 PST 2005 by karen sapp (
st. john's early education, worthington
Materials Required: sculpey; construction paper; and oil pastels
Activity Time: 30 min
Concepts Taught: moods, feelings, emotions

what you will need:
small amount of skin-colored sculpey
black construction paper
orange construction paper
red construction paper
oil pastels
something to "carve with"

give a brief description of the artist, edvard munch. talk about his need to communicate emotion in his art. ask the children to tell you what they think the person in the picture who is holding his head in his hands is thinking. (some will say he saw a spider, or he's angry because someone took his toys. their responses are very sweet. next, give the children some sculpey. ask them to roll it around, squish it, etc. until it is warm and plyable. next, invite them to "make a face" using their fingers and the back of a brush or clay tools to illustrate a mood. can be happy, screaming, sad, maybe whatever they are feeling at that moment. we set the sculpey aside (put on a piece of wax paper with their name so it can go straight in the oven after class). the children work with the construction paper, tearing or cutting paper for a background. then, with oil pastels they draw a "body" for their subject. when the sculpey has cooled from the oven, glue it in place!