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#3300. Bullying Skit with music.

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Posted Tue Dec 13 18:25:04 PST 2011 by Randy Sauer (Randy Sauer).
Walk in my Shoes
Hays, KS USA
Materials Required: MP3, downloaded song, table and chairs
Activity Time: 15-30 min.
Concepts Taught: Bullying

Lesson Plan Title: Anti-Bullying Skit with Music
Concept / Topic To Teach: No Bullying and what to do when someone is bullied.
General Goal(s): To help students understand what others may feel when they are being bullied.
Specific Objectives: To help students realize that bullying happens in different situations where they might not even realize they are bullying someone.
Required Materials: A MP3 Music player, "Walk in my Shoes" song: FREE download at:
Tables and Chairs for props.
Song lyrics:
Walk in my Shoes by Randy Sauer (2011)
Take a walk in my shoes
And I think you will see
How it makes me feel
When you bully me
Verse 1
You invited all of the class to your birthday party
Leaving me out thinking you were a smarty
Wish you knew how it makes me feel when you bully me.
Verse 2
I was standing in line and you pushed me from behind
Thinking you were cool when I fell on my behind
Wish you knew how it makes me feel when you bully me.
Verse 3
I was walking in class and you stuck your foot out
Making me trip and people laugh out loud
Wish you knew how it makes me feel when you bully me.
Verse 4
I was waiting for the bus and you called me some names
Making other people laugh and do the same
Wish you knew how it makes me feel when you bully me.
Verse 5
I sat down by you to eat my lunch
You got up and sat with a different bunch
Wish you knew how it makes me feel when you bully me.
Verse 6
You made funny comments about the clothes I wear
Teasing me all day and bringing me to tears.
Wish you knew how it makes me feel when you bully me.

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Discuss with the students the different types of bullying and what their experiences have been with bullying.
Step-By-Step Procedures:
1) Read through the lyrics to the song and discuss the different situations in each verse. Listen to the song and follow the lyrics.
2) Decide the best way to act out each verse with the students in your class.
Verse 1)--Make out invitations to a party and hand an invitation to everyone except for the person being bullied.
Verse 2)--Students stand in a line with one student pushing the bullied student and that student falling on their bottom.
Verse 3)--Set up chairs in a couple of rows like a classroom and have the bullied student walk between the chairs and one student trip the bullied student.
Verse 4)--Have the students stand in a line with some books from school like they are waiting for the bus to arrive. One student starts to make comments and call the bullied student names and the others start to laugh and join in.
Verse 5)--Have students sit at two different tables and when the bullied student sits at one table the others at that table leave and go sit at the other table.
Verse 6)--Have the students stand around the bullied student making comments about their clothes they have on. The bullied student starts to cry about all the comments.
- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Talk about each verse and how one person could help the student being bullied. For example: Verse 1-one student could ask for the bullied student to be invited.
Verse 2-one student help the bullied student up and tell the one pushing that wasn't nice of them.
Verse 3-one student help the bullied student up and ask the one doing the tripping to not do it anymore.
Verse 4-Step in and ask the other students to not call the bullied students names or tell an adult or teacher.
Verse 5-One student from the other table can get up and go sit with the bullied student and make them feel better.
Verse 6-One student could come in and comfort the bullied student and ask the others to stop or tell a teacher or adult what is happening.
You could act out the verses with the song a second time and have the one student stand up for the bullied student.