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#3301. The Last Spin

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The Last Spin
Materials Required: Internet
Activity Time: A few lessons depending on the class
Concepts Taught: WebQuest, team work, integrating technology in the classroom

By Ed McBain / Evan Hunter
A Bio and Interview of Evan Hunter
The story: The Last Spin
A Lesson Plan

Using a WebQuest for ESL/EFL literature lesson based on The Last Spin by By Ed McBain / Evan Hunter

A Lesson Plan :Using A WebQuest for an ESL/EFL literature lesson based on The Last Spin By Ed McBain / Evan Hunter

Name of WebQuest: "The Last Spin"

WebQuest: The Last Spin by By Ed McBain / Evan Hunter
A story about teenage street gangs and how they solve problems.


Target population: ESL/EFL students grades 9-12

General instructions for students:

Length of time to complete the lesson: 10 class periods (45 minutes)

Overview of Lesson Plan: In this lesson, students will define the term street gangs by answering the following questions:
1. What are teenage street gangs?
2. How do street gangs solve their problems?
3. How can schools help?
4. Violent and non-violent ways to solve problems.
The students will play the roles of reporters for a national teen magazine. Their editor has asked the team to find out why a teenager called Danny committed suicide. Their mission is to cover the story from four angles.
Reporter 1: One team member will check for background information on teen gangs and write a profile of Danny based on their findings.
Reporter 2: One student will check the schools for information on how they deal with teen gangs: The student will write a program on how to prevent and deal with the issue of teenage gangs.
Reporter 3: One of the students will speak to Danny's parents and write an interview with his parents based on findings on parental involvement or lack of it. How can parents help? Student will record the conversation or film it using video.
Reporter 4: One student will speak to Danny's girlfriend and write the interview.
Can friends help? Could she have prevented Danny from belonging to the gang? What could she have done? The student may record the conversation or film it using video.
Students will find out all they can about Danny and why a teenager such as he would take his own life.

Resources / Materials:
1. Computers with the WebQuest available on the school site or on a floppy disc.
2. Computers with Internet connection and the WebQuest available online.

Activities / Procedures:
1. Read story The Last Spin by Ed McBain / Evan Hunter.
2. Show the students on a large computer screen the WebQuest.
3. Have the students work in teams of four.

Further Details
1. Students will be working collaboratively on a team. This is a skill that can be developed. Students will read about team organization.
2. Students will make sure their team members understand their assigned roles.
3. Students will read the resources that are useful to their team. They will access the links and resources to find answers to their questions.
4. Students will keep a journal of their references.
5. Students will prepare a presentation of their work.

Resources: A list of Internet resources for the tasks
Background information on teen street gangs:

Prevention Programs
What can schools do?
What can families do?

Evaluation / Assessment:
You will be evaluated for three stages: work file, writing file and presentation:
Evaluation rubrics for your grade
Extension Activities:
Street teen gangs are a national problem that needs the public's attention. Students will reflect on the WebQuest. Students will write a team summary and fill the individual feedback form with their comments and feedback on the on the WebQuest project.