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Subject: Language

#3302. Reading Comprehension

Language, level: Senior
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Reading Comprehension Practice
Materials Required: Online Internet or off line work sheets
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Practice

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Online Distance Learning

Online distance learning is an instructional system which connects learners with educational resources. Students work on their own at home, at work, or at school and communicate with faculty and other students via e-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messaging and other forms of computer-based communication. There are both advantages and disadvantages to online distance learning.

There are many benefits to using online distance learning environments. Online education is available all the time and anywhere. However there are drawbacks for some learners. The online learner only has the written text and no other face to face cues. This may confuse the learner and cause misunderstanding. While distance learning allows for openness, it is also cumbersome because it is done by e-mail messages and writing and therefore may take more time than face-to-face learning. The sheer bulk of messages can sometimes be overwhelming for many online students.

Universities, Colleges and Schools use virtual online distance learning environments. These are important for students who may be unable to attend classes for various reasons like illnesses or busy everyday schedules. Some learners just want to further their studies at home. They enjoy the convenience of home learning as they take regular programs or enrichment classes.

Online courses keep learners very occupied at all hours. There is a great deal of messages and other online resources to read and respond to. Most learners have regular jobs or attend regular school classes on ground as well. However, the benefits are clear. Online distance learning is becoming very popular. Some virtual online classes have become a profitable business as they replace regular traditional means of learning.

Reference (APA format)
Deutsch, N. (2004). Online distance learning. Retrieved October 8, 2004, from

Answer the following questions by choosing the correct letter: Put a circle it.

1. What is online distance learning?

A. All interaction between teacher and student is accomplished "online" through an Internet or intranet connection.
B. learning at home
C. a system of learning on your own by writing letters
D. Online distance learning is a term we apply to any distance learning course that is done by means of computers
E. a learning system for college and university students

2. Online courses keep learners very _____________

A. healthy
B. happy
C. busy
D. satisfied
E. free to do many things

3. There many good and bad aspects of online distance learning. One good thing about it is ______________

A. easy to do
B. cheaper than face to face learning
C. convenient
D. very fast going
E. satisfying

4. Sometimes online distance learning can be a problem because _________

A. learners don't have the money to pay for it.
B. it is done by writing only e-mail messages
C. it is face to face learning
D. some students don't know how to deal with so much writing
E. some learners don't need face to face cues

5. Some students can't attend ground classes because they _________

A. don't have the money to study
B. are lazy
C. are too busy with work
D. may not be able to attend classes for military reasons
E. are sick or too busy

6. Are online distance learning courses easy?

A. No, they are not because they keep students busy all the time.
B. Yes, they are very easy because you can study anywhere.
C. No, they are not easy because the writing is very difficult for most people.
D. Yes, they are easy for most people because there are no tests.
E. None of the above answers are correct.

7. Enrichment classes are __________

A. courses people take because they have to.
B. courses that a learner wants to take to know more for her/his own interest.
C. Courses that only teachers and doctors take.
D. courses that everyone must take to know how to live.
E. None of the above

8. To attend classes means _______

A. to stay home and not go to class
B. go to classes
C. wait and see what happens
D. to wait on someone as they go to class
E. to wait for someone after class

9. Virtual classes are _________

A. real classes
B. almost real
C. real classes that may not seem real
D. not classes at all
E. none of the above

10. Online distance classes are learning environments that are _______

A. available all the time
B. not always available
C. very expensive
D. very cheap
E. none of the above

Vocabulary Practice
Match the definition with the word.

1. instructional
a. brings together

2. connects
b. using the Internet

3. resources
c. through, by way of

4. online
d. teachers

5. communicate
e. educational

6. faculty
f. places

7. via
g. the good things

8. forums
h. give more information

9. instant
i. a place to discuss things

10. benefits
j. talking in groups

11. conferencing
k. talk

12. environments
l. quickly

Crossword Puzzle: Use the underlined words

1 2 3

7 8 9
10 11






Use the following information to find the correct words from the passage.

2. ease or comfort
4. on the Internet
6. almost real
9. weight
10. for that reason
12. extra learning
13. go to class
15. ways
16. many
17. has something to do with computers
18. busy
19. teachers DOWN
1. puts together
3. surprising
5. not understood
7. educational
8. bad sides of something
11. making money
14. change one thing for something