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Subject: Music

#3308. Fun, Affordable and Fabulous Voice and Piano Lessons

Music, level: all
Posted Tue Dec 14 06:18:46 PST 2004 by Leah Schenck-Crowne (
Leah Schenck-Crowne
Schenck-Crowne Institute of Musical Performance, Baltimore/ Washington areas, Maryland, USA
Materials Required: Just You, your voice and your hands!
Activity Time: Varying times
Concepts Taught: Building self-esteem and creativity through musical study and performance.

My goal is to teach you, the student how to truly enjoy music. I love to work with my students in our lessons, building self- confidence, and growing to the point where performing is fun. Together my students and I discover what venues of performance please them the most - whether that be a small piano recital or vocal concert privately hosted for family and friends, or work with professional and amature companies here in the Baltimore/Washington area and abroad. Musical study has been proven to be an important aid in building self-confidence and scholastic performance. I would love to provide you or your children with that gift.