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Grade: Middle

#3309. The Giver

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Wed Dec 15 12:32:16 PST 2004 by Tamara Albury (
Applied Learning Academy, Fort WOrth, Texas
Materials Required: File Folders, Card stock, Typing Paper, Novel of the Giver
Activity Time: 3 Days

After we read the book the Giver, I assign my students 6 tasks to complete.
Task One: Locate 10 words in the book that were difficult for you to understand. Look them up in the dictionary and rewrite the definition in your own words.

Task Two: Choose three items that were important in the book. Draw them and explain why they were important.

Task Three: Create a different ending for the book. Many of students did not like the ending and this gives them the opportunity to create a different ending for the book. The students are to describe what happens to Jonas from the point the book ends on.

Task Four: Make a list of all ofthe important places mentioned in the Giver, using clues from the book and your imagination, draw a map of the community.

Task Five:Choose four characters from the book and create character cards. Include a drawing, the name, job, age, occupation and a personality description of each character.

Task Six: Choose two important events from the book. Draw the event and explain why it is important to the story.

Once the students have completed the rough draft in their journals, they are then to create the final. Each child is given a manila folder to create a miniature presentation board. They are to use the information that they have completed. All information must be present on the folder. They may tape flaps to create more room and space for the information.