Grade: all

#331. Predicting and Retelling Read Alouds

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted by Tanya ().
Materials Required: Read Aloud book, chart paper, marker, post-its

I go through a read aloud book at home and mark with
post-its the places that lend themselves to stopping and
predicting what will happen next.

In class I show the cover and read the title and record on
chart paper what the students predict about the story. The
chart paper is divided into three columns: One wide one for
recording predictions and two narrow ones headed Yes and No.

I read aloud up to my first post-it. Then we discuss if any
of the predictions were fullfilled or definitely rejected
and check the appropriate column. Some may still be in
question so we leave those blank. Then we add any new
predictions based on what we have read or seen in the
pictures. We go through the story in this way to the end.

The result is very valuable for a retelling of the story.