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#3316. National Contest enter Now due 3/1/04

other, level: Senior
Posted Thu Dec 30 12:20:01 PST 2004 by Nazanin (
National Contest
Impact Nation, Santa Monica, ca
Materials Required: Camcorder
Activity Time: upto students

The contest is as follows:
1. To participate in the Impact Nation program, a teacher representative of the school must register the school online or by fax.

2. Only one entry per student, either as an individual or part of a team effort and each video submission must have its own entry form. IN encourages students to create something that is relevant to the issues that concern them. However, this is not a requirement and students can feel free to create content relating to any subject matter, of any kind.

3. Each participating school will identify three worthy local charities/causes in their local community.

4. Each school will appoint a student to represent each charity in their school. This student will be responsible for making a case to the school student body to vote for the charity that the student represents. The students of the school will then vote for the charity they feel should receive the funds.

5. Each participating school will arrange a fundraising event, where they will screen their content. If more than one entry is submitted, the event can be a competition. Students, teachers, parents and any other people permitted by the school will attend and pay a fee for entry. The amount of the fee will also be determined by the school. IN recommends that this fee be small in order to ensure that the event is accessible to all students and other people that may wish to attend.

6. The students will be required to vote on which charity will receive the funds raised from the fundraising event. After expenses, 50% of the funds raised will be donated to the winning charity and the remainder will go to the school.

7. The winning entries from the participating schools will be showcased on the " website", where the viewing audience will vote online to select a winner.

8. Grand Prize winner will win a mini Studio for their school worth $5000.00
(Items pictured on our website)

IN Contest is a "by the people, for the people" initiative, meaning that:

1. IN allows schools and students to choose charities and causes without any influence from IN or the Radly Center. IN does not favor or promote any specific cause ahead of another.
2. 100% of the funds raised from fund raising activities conducted by the schools are directed to the local charities and the participating schools.
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