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Subject: History

#3317. Guy Fawkes - 400th anniversary of a terrorist's death

History, level: other
Posted Mon Oct 24 19:02:28 PDT 2005 by Matthew Gillard (

gogillard design, Nashville, USA
Materials Required: Paper sculpture kit ($2.99), paper, scissors, stapler, glue etc.
Activity Time: 1 Hour. Can be done in parts.
Concepts Taught: Story explores use of violence to fight for freedom

For ages 9 and up.

Learn about the famous British traitor Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the parliament on November 5th 1605.

Teacher Preparation:
Read brief bio of Guy Fawkes at or follow links on the site for more details on the Gunpowder Plot. Look over sculpture kit instructions. Print out copies and prepare materials.

Guide students as they follow the kits instructions. Tell the story of Guy Fawkes and answer questions as you go. Students connect with the historical character as they make the sculpture.
Students gain a new perspective on the threat of global terrorism that we face today.